150mm Trim Saw

We manufacture lapidary equipment suitable for the hobbyist to professionals. Redwood machines are highly thought of in this field.

Our Lapidary Slab Saw has been designed and manufactured with the hobbyist in mind. It is an efficient, smooth cutting, easily operated, well finished product.

The saw is designed for a 10" blade and has a 1/2" diameter spindle so that maximum cutting depth can be obtained. It is mechanically power fed from the main spindle, having a feed rate of .0002" per revolution of the blade. With a spindle speed of 950 RPM. the feed rate will be approximately 1" in five minutes. This power feed, coupled with the rugged twin guide bar way system ensures an extremely smooth cut reducing finishing to a minimum.

Large stone capacity is not limited by the vice, only by the blade diameter. Cross feed is accomplished by loosening two wing nuts (one either side of the vice) and sliding the vice unit across the desired amount. A clear plastic cover is offered as an extra. It is recommended as it confines the coolant mist, eliminates spray and mess, while still providing a clear view of the cutting operations.